Making movies, television shows, and music seems like fun but they are filled with incredibly complicated legal problems.

First, from drafting tons of contracts for rights, actors or music clearances to registering copyrights to piracy. The easiest part of making movies might be the choreographing the death-defying stunts. Our attorneys have represented the biggest motion picture studios in the world, foreign film makers and start up studios. Morrison / Lee can help you whether you are a star, the director behind the camera, or the movie studio financing the film. We negotiate and draft talent contracts, licensing agreements and help ensure the integrity of your work by stopping piracy. If the case calls for it, we are never afraid to commence litigation.

Second, up-and-coming musicians need to protect their rights with band contacts and be well represented when dealing with record companies. Common issues faced by musicians are the permissibility of sampling another musician’s work, what to do if someone steals your music and publishing rights. Morrison / Lee has you covered as our team is tuned into all the intricate facets of the music industry as we help protect you and your music.