As part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), Congress enacted a takedown policy that permits copyright owners to request the removal of unauthorized reproductions of its copyrighted material from servers hosting the content. For example, if a YouTube video plays music without authorization, the DMCA provide a method by which a copyright owner can send a request to have the video taken down. The person who uploaded the video has a chance to respond to the takedown request and demand that the video remain up. While the DMCA system has proven quite effective against the piracy and unauthorized use of copyrights, it has also been abused by overly aggressive copyright owners.

Morrison / Lee is at the forefront of this important area of law as we work on both ends of the DMCA takedown procedure. By working with copyright owners and users of copyrighted material, we have obtained an unparalleled knowledge of the DMCA system. If you are a copyright owner of music, film, videos or other content, our Brand Protection Program works to actively locate and ensure the removal of infringing uses of your copyrighted material. On the other side, if you have been hit with a DMCA notice and do not believe the claim to be valid, we will fight against any invalid claims and ensure that your First Amendment rights are protected.