brand protection

Branding is you and everything you create such as your copyrights, your trademarks, or your image.  The most valuable asset you have is your brand and it is your duty to protect it. Morrison / Lee is at the forefront of developing cutting edge and effective brand protection for all intellectual property owners. Whether you you require 1 hour of monitoring a month or 100, Morrison / Lee has the proper and affordable Brand Protection Program for you. The goal of our Brand Protection Program is to preserve the value of your brand but also to collect restitution to compensate your brand for damage to its reputation.

Morrison / Lee has a team of attorneys, Brand Protection Specialists and Researchers dedicated to protecting the security of your brand. Each brand is appointed a dedicated Brand Protection Specialist that is always available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Not only can Morrison / Lee protect your brand domestically but we can do so internationally. If someone is trying to register a trademark that is confusingly similar to yours, someone  sells a counterfeit of your shirt in Korea, someone uploads a clone of your game to the Apple Store, or if some starts a gym in Dallas using your trademark, Morrison / Lee will take the necessary action to stop the infringement, collect restitution and ultimately protect the integrity of your brand.