In the wake of winning a controversial trademark dispute over the term COMIC CON, other cons are changing their name and Phoenix was the first to cave in fear of litigation.

We have handled this matter quite extensively on this blog and you can read the whole story here. For the tl;dr version, San Diego Comic Con sued Salt Lake City Comic Con over the use of the the “Comic Con” name claiming that it was trademark infringement. The matter was quite heated and went all the way to a jury trial who determined that San Diego does indeed own the name but awarded a relatively low amount of money to San Diego in damages. Interested yet?? Again, the whole story can be found here.

As predicted by this blog, it didn’t take long for other conventions to become scared of a similar lawsuit.¬†Phoenix ComicCon was rebranded as the¬† Phoenix Comic Fest. The convention stated on social media that “In recent months, the use of the word Comic-Con, and its many forms, has become litigious. We would prefer to focus on creating the best events and experiences for our attendees.” Meaning, we don’t want to get our butts sued and probably have already received a cease and desist letter.

Remember when cons were all about finding that obscure action figure, nerding out with your friends over comic books, or creating great cosplay, well they have all gone corporate now. Expect more name changes to come in the future.