Buckle up and get ready for this new trademark infringement lawsuit to take off.  Last week, Gulfstream, the maker of the private jet, sued model Nada Marcinko for numerous claims relating to her use of the name “Gulfstream Girl” on social media, her website, and at trade shows.  Gulfstream claims Marcinko is using their trademark, without permission, for commercial gain.


Marcinko, a former model, a pilot and flight enthusiast, markets herself as the “Gulfstream Girl.” She has used the name on many social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube while also utilizing the domain of the same name. Gulfstream claims that Marcinko is utilizing the famous jet’s name to draw web traffic to her sites so she can sell third-party products and her company can sell flight lessons, flight simulator rides and other aviation related goods and services. Gulfstream has asserted numerous claims against Marcinko including trademark infringement, dilution and cybersquatting.

When informed of her alleged infringement, Gulfstream Girl told the jet company to buzz off. Gulfstream now seeks damages, its attorneys’ fees and wants an injunction preventing Marcinko from using the moniker both online and offline.

There is no estimated time of departure for this lawsuit and the parties will be locked into a holding pattern unless they can reach a settlement.