Limited, the makers of some of the most addicting and frustrating Facebook games like “Candy Crush”, does not think copying its designs is as fun as their games and have sued a rival gaming company, 6 Waves, LLC for copyright infringement.

King claims that their games “Pet Rescue Saga” and “Farm Heroes Saga” are being ripped off by 6 Waves, “Treasure Epic” and “Farm Epic”.  Below are side by side comparisons of the games and you can play judge and jury to see if the games are “substantially similar.”



This is not the first time that 6 Waves has been sued for copyright infringement over one of their games.  In 2012, 6 Waves was sued by the owners of the game called “Triple Town” over 6 Waves’ “Yeti Town”.

Cases like these are usually hard to prove because the overall themes, game play and even colors are not protectable individually under copyright law.  There are many similar games being played on computers across the world.  In fact, King’s “Candy Crush” is very similar to the game “Bejeweled.”  The judge will look at the overall look and feel of the games and will need to determine that there is “substantial similarity” between the games to justify a finding of copyright infringement.

Now time to go back and try to defeat level 161 of “Candy Crush”.