One trademark applicant would like to give the Trademark Office a hand, a big white one that is. The Trademark Office has permitted a travel agency to register its ME AND THE MOUSE TRAVEL trademark which bears a black arm and big white hand that looks a lot like Mickey’s.

Me and the Mouse Travel, LLC filed a trademark registration for the logo that can be seen to the right. Let’s all be honest, your recognize that big white paw, that is clearly trying to invoke the presence of Disney’s big rat for a travel agency that plans trips to Disney’s resorts. Initially, registration of the trademark was refused for falsely suggesting a connection with Disney because it include the phrase “The Mouse”  and the Mickey arm and hand. After the refusal was issued, the applicant appealed to the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board.

The TTAB saw things differently than the examining attorney claiming that many different cartoon characters where white gloves such as Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, and Mario. Therefore, the body part is not unique to Mickey Mouse. The TTAB also found a difference between the mark which is “The Mouse” and not “Mickey Mouse”.

The decision to deny the registration was reversed and the mark will go back into the process of registration. It should be noted that the applicant presented purported emails from Disney that claim “the logo is fine”. Oh well, if I was Disney, I would have not been as generous with such an allowance. It is clear the travel company was playing off of Disney’s trademarks. I, for one, can see how people would be confused and think that the mark is associated with Disney. Guess you should just call me Scrooge McDuck.