Some elements of Breaking Bad not only live on through Better Call Saul but may through a future video game. Sony Pictures has filed a European Union trademark registration for BREAKING BAD for computer gaming software and a mobile application.

Walter White and his amazing show Breaking Bad came to an end over two years already but people are still thirsty from more stories about our favorite meth cooking science teacher. In fact, due to streaming services like Netflix, the show is more popular now than when it was on the air. With demand comes supplies of endless merchandise.

Sony Pictures Television, Inc., one of the many production companies behind Breaking Bad, filed to register a trademark for the term in the E.U. The trademark registration covers downloadable software in the nature of mobile applications for playing games; the registration also covers casino and lottery gaming equipment. So this sure sounds like a planned casino-styled game for use on computers and mobile phones. I can just picture a slot machine with enduirng icons from the show like a Winnebago, a pink teddy bear, a flying pizza and Los Pollos Hermanos chickens.

No word on when or even if the game will be released here in the United States but it may be worth the trip to Europe to play.