For some reason, this silly blog, which usually has better images than content, was named for the second year in a row as a Top 100 Law Blog or Blawg (get it??). You can see the list here but below is what was said about Pirated Thoughts:

“This is a lighthearted IP blog with a pop culture bent, written by Michael Lee of the New York City firm Morrison Lee. Pirated Thoughts covers issues like video game creators trying to sue the makers of cheating software; TV shows fighting to protect the naming rights of a fictional burger bar; and multinational companies trying to protect their brands by making borderline-ludicrous trademark attempts.”

Over the past year, I have seen a lot of changes and started a whole new firm. During this time, I have welcomed new voices to this blog and cannot thank them enough. Special thanks go to the Mega Power interns, Martin Passante and Chuck Coulter, and my Sith apprentice, Ma’idah Lashani.