Top industry leaders of digital entertainment start next evolution in client management and representation

A new era of entertainment requires a more advanced type of representation. Today, industry leaders from all walks of digital entertainment will combine their talents to form the Evolved Talent Agency (“ETA”) to provide better representation to protect a new generation of influencers, developers, and esports professionals.

ETA is founded by Morrison / Lee. Ryan Morrison, known to many as the Video Game Attorney, is at the forefront of esports, representing many of the biggest and most popular players in the scene including Mithy, JDM, Tarik, and Quas.  After successfully fighting for the legal rights of his clients, Ryan will now also look to manage these players’ careers into the brightest future possible under ETA. Michael Lee has been actively representing some of the biggest stars on YouTube and the video game space in court and in contract negotiations. ETA will now actively represent and manage these important influencers.

Coming from a legal background, the founding members of Evolved have built up the most important commodity in the entertainment business; trust.

ETA is the next evolution in client management and representation. ETA looks at each talent’s career and fan base and helps them expand and grow into the next phases of entertainment.

ETA’s goal is to source career developing opportunities for content creators. We’re familiar with the amount of work and effort required to create and develop a personal brand and ETA will help creators capture the true value of their influence.

To undertake this, ETA welcomes Sebastien Delvaux as our Executive Vice President of Creators. Sebastien successfully runs his own MCN, Paragon, and represents countless YouTube and streaming creators as their careers go from obscurity to runaway success. He is experienced in helping creators build businesses around their brands so that they can live their passion. Sebastien will bring his existing talent and management representation list under ETA.

Esports is the future of sports, and esports players are the most critical part of that future. ETA will no longer allow players to sign long deals with small paychecks and abusive terms. We will put our players into healthy relationships with trustworthy orgs, all while building their personal brand and sponsorship opportunities.

ETA welcomes Jason Greenglass as our Executive Vice President of Esports, one of the hardest working people in esports, to continue the fight for fairness as the head of ETA’s esports division. Working on countless deals at the law firm Morrison/Lee, Jason knows what different organizations need and how to negotiate the best and safest deals possible for our clients.

ETA also welcomes Barry Lee, a talented mind in esports who works with top players across various games and countries from Korea to Germany. Barry is a rising star in this industry and has already made quite a name for himself with countless professionals who respect and trust his opinion.

ETA will work hand in hand with its clients to guide and manage their future. Content creators and esports athletes, your ETA is now.