James Bond’s greatest villain is the rich in this next installment of the Bond franchise. The company that owns rights to the James Bond movies has opposed the trademark .007%, a supposed social club for the most wealthiest people in the world.

The 1% has nothing on this group. .007 Percent LLC is the supposed operator of a social club and website that is by invitation only to the “super rich and powerful, the most beautiful and famous.” You can use the website to mingle with your rich friends and “meet a disproportionate number of people with excellent bone structure.” (You cannot make this up.) It appears to paint itself as Facebook for the wealthy. In association with its social media for snobs, the company filed a trademark registration for .007% you can see it on the top left of the photo below. Even that font looks like the James Bond font. I would show you more but I am not lucky enough to be a member.

Image of .007%

Image from .007% website

Danjaq, LLC, is the production company that beginning in 1962 started distributing the Bond, James Bond movies. Danjaq owns several registered trademarks relating to the term and logo 007. Danjaq has opposed the .007% trademark claiming that people are bound to be confused and think that the social club is owned by or associated with James Bond.

Clear to see why there could be some confusion. Not only does that number not come out of the blue but the website has several images of men that could be James Bond. I can’t imagine that the social club, if it is even legit, will fight this battle. .001% sounds like a good name, go with that.