I’m four episodes into Iron Fist and unlike, I guess most people, I am enjoying the show. There was a brief mention to an “Iron Fist” beer┬áreferencing a real beer and a real trademark dispute.

If you have been watching Iron Fist or not there will be no spoilers. There was a reference to the term “Iron Fist” and a Google search. According to the search, one of the two things that showed up was an “Iron Fist” beer, but get this, its a real thing.

Almost three years ago, I wrote about the Iron Fist Brewery Company and its fights concerning the IRON FIST trademark. You can read that initial article here. Iron Fist Brewing Company is a family owned brewing company based near San Diego, California. The company owns two trademarks, including the logo seen above, for the logo and word mark containing IRON FIST. These marks were filed way back in 2010 and at that time and to this date, Marvel never moved to oppose or cancel these trademarks. Since this time, Iron Fist Brewery and Marvel have been in fights to protect the IRON FIST mark.

At that time, while the Iron Fist was a well-known character from the comics, his name was not yet famous outside of the comic book world. Now, I am sure that Marvel wish they opposed this mark. With marketing gearing up for the Netflix series, Marvel can never distribute a beer with the term Iron Fist on it or would be in serious risk of a trademark infringement lawsuit. This is way trademark owners are so diligent when protecting their rights, you never know which mark might be valuable in the future.