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Whether you are someone just starting out or one of our clients pulling in millions each month, there is no reason why you shouldn’t know what you are getting and what it will cost. These packages offer¬†what you need, and we’re happy to customize¬†them to your company. Click on one that works for you and schedule a consultation today.

Your General Counsel

Operate as if you have in-house counsel, at a fraction of the price.

  • UNLIMITED Phone and Email Consultations
  • Monthly Updates for your Terms of Service and Privacy Policies
  • 10 pages of Document Review each month
  • One letter on firm letterhead each month

Jump Start Package

Just starting out? Get your company protected the right way with one flat rate. This package gets you everything to get your business going the right (and legal) way.

  • Trademark Your Company or Product
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Terms of Service Agreement
  • Privacy Policy Agreement
  • Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Review of Your Business Structure
  • Incorporation of Your Business (additional fee)


YouTube/Streaming Professional Package

Do you run a YouTube or Twitch channel and need guidance concerning takedowns, fair use and how to effectively operate your channel? Our Streaming Package can be tailored for your channel and may include the following:

  • Review your videos to ensure compliance with all intellectual property laws
  • Advise on whether your videos are protected by fair use
  • Respond to YouTube takedowns
  • Work with YouTube to help remove any strikes asserted against your account
  • Send takedown notices to people infringing your videos
  • Review and edit any MCN or sponsorship contracts
  • Ensure you are properly receiving all income that you are entitled to

YouTube / Steamer / Influencer Jump Start Package

Ready to make YouTube, streaming, or any type of social media your full time job? This package has everything you need to make your hobby a successful career.

  • Trademark Your Channel or Screen Name
  • Independent Contractor Agreement For People Who Work on Your Channel
  • Incorporation of Your Business
  • Evaluation of Your Business / MCN Options


Esports Player Package

Don’t get taken advantage of. You are a commodity, so get what you deserve.

  • UNLIMITED phone and email communication
  • Annual team contract negotiation
  • Understand your rights when you join a team and compete professionally
  • Helps you navigate difficult decisions as you grow within your profession
  • We have negotiated top salaries in League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, and Heroes of the Storm. Let us help you next

Brand Protection Package

Whether you are a small company or a multi-nation conglomerate, we can customize the proper plan needed to protect your brand’s copyrights and trademarks.
  • Monitor trademark filings to ensure that confusingly similar marks aren’t registered
  • Monitor Google Play, Apple Store, and Steam for infringing apps and games
  • Send takedown notices for infringement
  • Send cease and desist letters to infringers
  • Monitor social media sites for all types of infringement