Does this headline kinda sound familiar? If you look at the previous entry we did for this blog, you can read all about the Empire State Building opposing the GOTHAM CITY CREW logo trademark and now its DC Comics’ turn as they have opposed the same exact logo.

On Tuesday, we told you all about the Empire State Building’s beef with the Gotham City Crew’s logo. (Well not actually the building itself but their attorneys but you get the point.) Much like the New York Jets, the Gotham City Crew can’t seem to catch a break over its logo. This time, DC Comics has also opposed the very same trademark claiming that it is confusingly similar to DC’s GOTHAM trademark.

Of course Gotham City, is the home town of one, Bruce Wayne, and has been such since Batman was first introduced in 1939. DC Comics does not own a trademark registration for Gotham but claims common law use of the GOTHAM trademark; DC Comics does own registrations for the terms GOTHAM GARAGE, GOTHAM GIRLS, GOTHAM CITY, GOTHAM CENTRAL and GOTHAM KNIGHTS. Further, DC Comics licensed television show Gotham features Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne taking on a rogues gallery of younger villains.

DC Comics use of the mark GOTHAM is well-known but “gotham” has some generic meanings as well. Gotham is a famous nickname for New York City. According to the New York Public Library, the word “gotham” actually dates back to medieval England. English proverbs speak of a village called Gotham or Gottam, meaning “Goat’s Town”. The goat was considered to be a foolish animal so Gotham was a city of fools…or an alternative theory is Gotham’s citizens only played like they were fools to avoid the wrath of the king. Later, the term “gotham” was even used to describe a print font.

DC Comics has formally opposed the registration of the trademark arguing that people are likely to wrongfully associate Gotham City Crew’s mark with its GOTHAM mark and DC Comics when there is no relationship between the two. So would you as a fan of the Jets confuse clothing apparel that bears the mark GOTHAM with DC Comics’ GOTHAM? That is the question posed in the request to get this trademark registered. The Crew, if it chooses to fight, will need to show that the public would not confuse the two in order to permit the registration. Seems that this logo has caused nothing but problems for the Gotham City Crew and it might be back to the drawing board.