I think we have discovered the worst superhero power ever: the ability to unclog toilets. DC Comics has opposed the trademark of a plumber’s mascot who is a kid wearing a┬áSuperman-looking outfit…and carrying a plunger.

Image of Rooter ManIn September 2016, A Corp, doing business as “Rooter Man”, filed a trademark registration for the logo that can be seen to the right. The mark was in a class covering the ever popular “drain cleaning services.” Rooter Man was established in 1970, out of Massachusetts, and is a chain of plumbers across the United States and Canada. Your filth is their fun. (Trademark that slogan right now.) Why he is called Rooter Man? I have no clue but there is another man who has a problem with this mark, one Superman.

DC Comics owns several marks for the name SUPERMAN but also has sveral for the look of him as well. There can be no doubt that the logo looks a lot like a younger version of Superman. From the color scheme, to the flowing cape, the logo brings Superman to mind. The test for infringement is whether two marks are confusingly similar and DC Comics would argue that consumers would be tend to believe that Potty Boy is associated with Superman and DC Comics, when he is not. Rooter Man now has to answer the opposition or it may abandon the registration all together.